Climate Action Series: Species on the Move

Saturday August 20

10:30 AM  –  12:30 PM

Join the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for the final event in our Climate Action Series. This program will focus on birds, pollinators, and seeds and how they are dispersed both annually and over longer periods of time. Courtney Brennan, the Museum’s Senior Collections Manager of Zoology, and Dr. Bort Edwards, Assistant Curator of Environment, will discuss the birds, pollinators, and plants that make our environment what it is, the ways these species are being impacted by climate change, and what people can do to help. We'll learn how we can assist pollinators in spreading more growth throughout our communities and in turning yards and parks into stopover habitats for migratory species. 


Please note 

  • This is a rain-or-shine event; dress appropriately for walking around outside and getting dirty. 
  • Parking and restrooms are available on site. 
  • Masks are encouraged but not required. 
  • Max limit: 30 


Location: Blair Ridge Park; address and directions will be emailed to all registrants.