Natural Areas Field Trips: Along Conneaut Creek: Blakeslee/Barrows Preserve

Sunday August 21

10:00 AM  –  1:00 PM

Along Conneaut Creek: Blakeslee/Barrows Preserve

Sunday, August 21st

10 AM - 1 PM EST 


Conneaut Creek, a State Wild and Scenic River, curves through the Museum’s Blakeslee/Barrows Preserve in Ashtabula County. Typically shallow and rocky-bottomed, the creek is punctuated here and there by deep pools; fish can be seen from vantage points high above, on terraces of the valley walls that line both sides of the river. The floodplain throughout the property is virtually pristine—a superb location for natural history discoveries. Join us for a late-summer hike as we observe the many species of wildflower and unique varieties of fern that call Blakeslee/Barrows home



Members: $20 

Nonmembers: $35 

Leadership Circle: $15 


Limit: 20  


Instructors: Garrett Ormiston & Ken Schneider


Meeting Location:

We will assemble at the Museum's Blakeslee/Barrows Preserve. Directions will be sent to all registrants.


Field trip intensityModerate


What to wear and bring (if out of the ordinary): Sturdy, waterproof footwear, walking stick, camera if desired, water and snacks, insect repellent, and weather-appropriate clothes